PhD programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at the Universities of Turin & Milan (joint programme)

Open Call for Admission to PhD Positions of the PhD programme in “Sociology and Methodology of Social Research” (SOMET), 34th cycle
Deadline: 7th June 2018 at 12.00 p.m. (noon, Central Europe Time)  
The competitive public call for admission to PhD Programme in “Sociology and Methodology of Social Research” (SOMET) jointly activated by the Universitа degli Studi di Torino and the Universitа degli Studi di Milano is open. The Universitа degli Studi di Torino is the administrative head office. According to the Italian Regulation DM 45/2013, the PhD programme will be activated upon Ministerial accreditation. Successful applicants will be enrolled conditionally to the Ministerial accreditation.  
Available positions are:  
  Positions with scholarships; 
  Positions without scholarships; 
  Position reserved to positions with international qualifications with or without scholarships. 
Number and types of available positions, with or without financial support, topics of research projects, entry requirements, selection procedure and admissions criteria are outlined in the PhD Programme Information Sheet (Annex 4).  
The list of research topics is available at the following websites: 
This list and number of positions may be updated until the call deadline (7th June 2018). Updates will be published only on the following websites
Applicants who are already winners of positions announced within the framework of specific agreements the University of Torino is part of or applicants who have been successful after a competitive selection within the framework of international mobility programmes may enrol into the PhD Programme (provided that such positions are offered by the PhD Programme), upon approval of the PhD Programme Doctoral Board. In this case, applicants shall contact the University PhD Office at  
Scholarships will be awarded according to the merit ranking (Art. 8 of the Call).